Adult & Youth Group Classes, with 1 on 1 Attention

In addition to sport specific training, TNT also provides Adult Fitness instruction through “GRoGLfit“. Modeled after the same training that is used for athletes, and named after the TNT training slogan of “Get Right or Get Left“, the GRoGLfit classes use some of the same techniques and exercises that are used to train our elite athletes. The classes are modified (intensity, reps) to match each adult client’s individual skill and condition level. In the GRoGLfit classes, you’ll get a complete full body workout — upper body, lower body, core, endurance, cardio, and strenght. As opposed to just showing up at a gym and riding a bike, or running on a treadmill, the GRoGLfit classes and exercises keep you excited and motivated to reach your personal health and fitness goals.

Through a supportive, inspiring, and smart training approach, we promote a healthy lifestyle which will bring long term success for our clients — any age, and any level.

get right or get left