With this experienced and expertise, Joe Don heads up the NFL Combine Training at TNT, preparing former college athletes to perform their absolute best at the Indianapolis Combine or their school Pro Day.  

get right or get left

Joe Don Reames is Co-Owner of TNT.   As Lead Trainer, he instructs our athletes on fitness, speed & agility, specific sport skills, and physical and mental toughness.  He also coordinates our Adult Fitness program, #GRoGLfit.

Joe Don began making his mark on sports as a football and baseball at an early age.  After a High School All-American career at Seneca High School, he went on to play both Football (1998-2001) and Baseball (1999) for Clemson University.  In 2000, he was nationally ranked as a Punt Returner and Receiver.  Upon graduation form Clemson, Joe Don played baseball professionally with the Texas Rangers (2002) and Tampa Bay Devil Rays (2003) organizations.

With over 11 years in Sport Specific Training, Joe Don has worked with and trained many elite athletes from multiple sports.  NFL Pro Bowlers and Super Bowl Champions such as Raddy White, Hines Ward, and Jamal Lewis have all trained under Joe Don.  He as also worked with athletes such as UFC Fighter Todd Duffee.

Joe Don is gifted at taking the skills, knowledge and experience that he has developed over 20+ years of athletics, and transferring it to his clients.  He takes pride in seeing his clients reach their potential and fulfill their goals -- whatever those may be.  

Co-Owner, Head Trainer